Monday, August 27, 2012

Lowell Cemetery

Lowell, Middlesex County, MA
 This cemetery, now privately maintained and still current, was founded in 1841 overlooking the Concord River. Apparently inspired by Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA, it is the second oldest 'garden' cemetery in the country - Mount Auburn was the first. There are some very unique gravestones here, as well as some personages of note, and it has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1998. Now 85 acres in total, with a working, 1885 granite chapel and some rather impressive gates, it has retained the original charm the architect and planners intended; a place that was once heavily frequented as the beautiful, tree'd park it was intended to be.

The J.C. Ayer Lion
"The order for the work was placed in 1888 with Mr. Joy, whose popularity abroad as a sculptor is attested by the fact that among the orders given him were the John Bright and Gladstone monuments. This statue is eight feet high and rests on a base 7x13 feet. The weight is not far from twenty five tons."

On to the unusual:
 The Willoughby sofa

The Ebert's favorite chair

..a good chair always requires a good book:

..and another!


Cruel fate...
..and the empty child's bed.

But there are those that will watch over them...

..and protect them.

A man and a woman wait at the Parker tomb, he contemplates a sarcophagus, she, a caduceus.

A 32nd degree Master Mason proclaims his rank.


Amasa Pratt, in perpetual care.

A final hidden gem; now and then the public can be guided down in to see the former crypts area, now unused. Look what is stored there!

-all photos property of Dick Howe Jr.

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  1. Beautiful pics, I have seen the lion & the witch but not some of the others. hopefully the next time I vist home I will get the chsnce to explore more. Thank you for putting this link up.